With over 25 years combined experience in the Steel Construction Industry, using the latest Advance Steel 3D Modelling software from Autodesk, A2 Draughting Ltd provides a comprehensive detailing solution tailored to fit your specific requirements.

We offer modelling and detailing services from residential scale buildings through to large industrial warehouses, small steel designs through to large complex assemblies.

About us

We're a family owned and operated business located in Waikato, New Zealand, servicing the central North Island. David Armitage has 15 years experience detailing for Waikato Steel Fabricators Ltd and 14 years R&D experience at Clough Group Agriculture (now Duncan Ag). Cam Armitage has 10 years experience detailing for Waikato Steel Fabricators Ltd.

Our services

3D Steel Model

Detailed fabrication drawings (single part drawings and assembly drawings)

Assembly parts list as required

Site Erection Drawings / General Arrangement Drawings

DXF Files (for profile cut items)

NC Files (for drilling machines etc)

Data files for fabrication tracking programmes such as StruMIS

Contact us

Quotes & General Enquiries: info@a2draughting.nz

David: david@a2draughting.nz / 021 174 6519

Cam: cam@a2draughting.nz / 021 040 9227